meWelcome to the world of frisbee, food and fantastic lists.

My name is Anne and I’ve participated in two European Youth and one World Junior Ultimate Frisbee Championships. Ultimate Frisbee is something I’ve loved for almost a decade now and I think everyone should try it for at least a few years! When I started university I also picked up ballroom dancing and although I don’t have a partner at the moment, I absolutely love it. I’ve discovered why my parents enjoyed it so much when they were younger (and not as stiff).

Food is something everyone has to deal with and since moving out last year it has been my mission to eat as healthy as possible, as cheap as possible, after all I’m still a poor student. Cooking is a skill I haven’t fully mastered and my recipe book is not as extensive as I would like it to be, but I’ve made it my mission to eat and cook healthy when I’m at my own place.

Lists are something I use to keep my thoughts at bay. Whether it’s a list of groceries, things I need to do or music I want to listen to. Writing thoughts down in general is a good way for me to create some peace in my busy brains. Studying physics is not helping the chaos in my head, creating new questions about how things work every so often. It’s a challenge, studying physics, but I like pushing myself to my limits. Hopefully I can push myself to my “not-wasting-my-time” limits by keeping up with a blog.


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