Monthly Goals

April Update

My bloging game is not up to date, bad me. Halfway through May and here it is, finally, my April update.

1. Eat more healthy. I’ve not eaten bad during April, but I did eat way to much crisps and chocolate. The whole situation with the Dancer is still in its aftermath, which has taken its toll on my eating pattern. Well, next month I will probably give this another go.

2. Do more school work during the weekend. This also wasn’t as big of a success, mostly because I’ve just spent time with my parents and my sister when I’ve been home during the weekends. On the other hand, I’ve handed in everything I had to hand in in time, so it doesn’t really matter that I’ve not succeeded.

Well, I can say that that was a pretty unsuccessful month for me. Better luck in June, since I don’t see any use for setting May goals when May is already more than halfway done.


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