Random Thoughts


Sooo, I cut off my hair. Well, I donated my hair. And it feels great.

So the right is how my hair looked before, long, blond and in desperate need of a haircut , and on the left is what it looks like now.

I have really thin hair, so having it as long as I had it just made it very sleek and it didn’t look good on me any more. The reason I decided to get so much chopped off is because some people would love to have hair, but they don’t or can’t because of a disease or something genetic. My hair will grow back eventually while they won’t be able to have hair if it wasn’t for a wig. So I decided that my hair would be of more use for them than it was for me.

My hair feels soooo good right now, and I think it looks better on me than long hair.

What do you think?


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