Monthly Goals

April Goals

Super late this month, but here they are, my goals for April. I only have two this month, which is reasonable since we’re halfway through the month already.

1. Eat more healthy. When the whole thing with The Dancer was going on I felt too distressed to eat most of the time, so I lost quite some weight. Since then I gained most of that weight again, but not because I ate more, because I ate more unhealthy food. Crisps, chocolate, anything sugary, I didn’t care because I felt like crap. The ab challenge I did didn’t do much for my belly fat either, which was a disappointment. So instead of doing challenges or eating less I am going to eat more healthy. The weather has been quite good the last couple of days, which makes me want to go outside and just walk for a bit quite often. This in combination with eating more healthy should have a positive effect on my body.

2. Do more school work on the weekend. Normally I try and not do school work during the weekend so I can enjoy the time with my parents and sister. This semester I have decided to take seven courses instead of the normal five, which means I am quite busy all the time. Sadly this means I probably can’t do everything during the week, so I’ll have to do something during the weekend. On the other hand my sister and my dad are busy during the weekend days, so if I do my homework during the day, I still get to spend time with them in the evening.

That’s it for my goals for April, tune in in two weeks to see how I did. So far I’m doing quite well with both goals.



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