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The Dancer

It’s the Dancer. I think I’m falling for the Dancer.

Since that post last week I’ve developed serious feelings for the Dancer. And he told me he likes me too. That’s good and it makes me really happy, but he is also quite vague about certain things, which I don’t like. So I asked him whether he really likes me or if he just wants something casual. He said he really likes me, but there’s something in the way. Or rather, someone. And that’s all he told me.

The weird thing is, everyone around us who is suspicious of whatever is going on between us doesn’t think it’s weird. To me, that gives the impression that it’s not another girl. On the other hand he won’t tell me the details yet, so I don’t think I should be making assumptions right now. He tells me I need to be patient. Problem is, I don’t want to be patient.

Does anyone know what I should do? I don’t want to push him, because that might drive him away, but on the other hand I don’t think I can fully commit to this until I know the details.

For now I think I’m just going to enjoy his company and see where this goes, I trust him when he says he will tell me everything but he just needs some time right now. If I really like him and he really likes me it will happen eventually. I just need to make sure I don’t develop too many feelings and get my heart broken.



3 thoughts on “The Dancer

  1. I was in a similar position 4 years ago, I decided how long I was willing to wait for him to be ready for a relationship. If it took too long I would have to cut ties, but he ended up sorting himself out and we are still together. Maybe you should think about how long you want to wait for the dancer?

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  2. The things I have always stuck by are my gut feelings. Your gut feelings never lie to you! Don’t limit yourself to one person when the person you deserve is out there somewhere.

    I will be following you and I would love your insight on my newest blog that I am soon launching. Here is a link to the I intro post and it would mean so much to get a comment or two!

    Mandy, I Love You.
    *an entire year dedicated to loving oneself*

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