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An odd match

I just made it. Here is post number two for this week.

This week has been weird. Or more the last week and a half. Two weeks ago I was wondering whether it was possible to have multiple crushes at once. There were four guys that I could possibly like:

  • The friend. One of my closest friends, he was acting weird. We were teasing each other more than we normally would and we spent some time together. During that time I got a very strong impression he has a crush on me, which made me wonder if the feeling was mutual.
  • The Frisbee Player. Someone I met last year during Frisbee practice, but we barely see each other. I saw him during the weekend two weeks ago and I realised that I think he is pretty cool.
  • The First Years. I’ve written about having a crush on him before. He’s in the year below me at uni and we met during the summer. I barely know him, but he seems like the type of guy I normally fall for.
  • And then there’s The Dancer. I’m subbing for his normal dance partner, since she is abroad at the moment. He is so not the type I usually go for. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but ever since last week at a dancing competition I can’t stop thinking about him. We talked a lot during that weekend, you know, including one of those 3am-really-quiet-conversations-because-everyone-else-is-sleeping. He even makes me look forward to Mondays, because we have dancing lessons on Monday. What’s happening to me?

So basically I was thinking whether it was possible to have multiple crushes at a time two weeks ago. Now I’m pretty sure I’m falling for one of them. We had dinner together today and all of a sudden he kissed me. Like a really short but sweet kiss. I don’t know what is going on, we seem like such an odd match. Maybe it’s just spring being around the corner that makes me all excited.

I’m curious what will happen next. Looking forward to tomorrow(well, basically later today), because it’s Monday.

What have you been up to lately?



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