Monthly Goals

Monthly update – February

Hello everyone, it’s time for my first monthly update. A month ago now, I wrote a post about the goals is wanted to set myself for February. You can click here to read it, or go to my homepage. Now it’s time to evaluate how things went.

I can say that I’ve accomplished two out of three of the goals I set myself. I managed to check my students work in time, every week since I started. There have been four classes so far and I’ve had to check work three times. All three times I decided to check it on the day they had to hand it in. That way I got it out of my way and they knew their mark quickly.

The other goal was quite easy to complete, as that one super smart friend decided he’s not going to do his exercise classes any more. This forces me to either work with other people or to do it myself. I was quite surprised to find that I can manage on my own. My marks won’t be as high as usual and I won’t be done as quickly as usual, but I get everything a lot better.

Then there’s this tiny goal I set myself about going to bed before midnight. I’m writing this at 26 minutes pas midnight, you figure out how well I did this whole month;). It’s been really busy, especially since I have sports on four out of five nights I’m at my own place. By the time I get back from that it’s half past nine and then I need to shower and do homework. Next month I might just try and set myself to goal to go to bed before half past twelve, it might be a bit more doable.

That’s all for today. Keep an eye out for my March goals coming soon.



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