I only want to be with you

When I’m writing this it’s officially Tuesday, but it’s never too late to participate in Kat’s Music Mondays.

This week I have two versions of a song that has been stuck in my head for at least a week. It keeps getting stuck in my head at some point during the day, especially after writing about this big crush I have on one of the first years.

This is the original version and it expresses my feelings perfectly, well apart from the fact that I don’t want to say I’m in love with this boy yet. But you get the general idea, I want to be around this person as much as I can. The music suits the lyrics and the tone of the song so well, it makes me so happy listening to this song.

And then there’s this version. Still expresses my feelings perfectly, but the grungy music represents the inner struggle a lot better. Plus, I just love Volbeat, the singer is great, the guitars are great and this song just shows that they can take any song and make it their own. I think I prefer this version.

Any music you’ve been listening to lately?




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