Daily Prompt

I quit!

I’ve had part-time jobs since I was fourteen. It started out with a newspaper round, then I worked in a library and a restaurant and in the mean time I was tutoring my sisters friends and my own classmates. Right now I’m a teachings assistant at university, but before that I didn’t have a job for a few months. I quit my last job the summer of 2015. I worked at a snack bar, but to be fair I think it was below my potential. And the conversation I had when I told my boss I wanted to quit did not go as planned. It went something like this.

I walk into the snack bar and look for my boss.

“Hey, can we talk?”
“Yes, sure, lets go outside.”

We go outside and sit down. He asks how I’m doing, at this point I haven’t been working for about a month and a half because he hasn’t put me on the schedule even though I was able to work five days a week. I tell him I’m fine and that my vacation was great, blabla. And then I drop the bomb.

“Peter, I want to quit. I moved to a different city for university, so I just won’t be able to work during the week and I don’t just want to work one day during the weekend.” I say nervously. My soon-to-be-ex boss looks at me.

“Okay. Well, we could’ve made it work. To be fair, I already knew you were going to quit.”

The moment he said it, I knew it was a lie. He hadn’t put me on the schedule when I was able to work five days a week because it was too much of an effort planning around the two days I wasn’t able to work so he definitely wouldn’t have let me work there one day a week. I’m still not sure whether or not he was bluffing that he knew I was going to quit, but I’d only told one of my colleagues that I was planning on quitting at the end of the summer. Maybe he told my boss, or maybe my boss made me quit by not letting me work any more. Either way it made me like him even less.

What actually happened.

So I say “Okay”, we discuss what I have to do to make it official, I hand in my uniform and leave.

What I should have done.

I look into his eyes and tell the truth about how I feel:

“That’s not possible, because I only decided this morning that I was actually going to quit!(Which is bluffing from my side, I’d decided a few months back that I didn’t want to work there any more, but I could use the money.) I’d like to know who told you those nonsense. Also, I think it’s really mean that while you were on holiday, every single on of your employees got to work six days a week, while I wasn’t put on the schedule for one single day. I hate the way you responded two weeks later to the text telling you that I was able to work a day more because we came back from vacation earlier. And lastly, I hate the fact that you don’t have the decency to tell me you don’t want me to work here any more, because what other reason could there be for you to not put me on the schedule while you told me two months ago that I was one of your best employees.”

I stand up, put my uniform on the table. I turn around and never look back.


Another post inspired by the daily prompt.

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