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People often tell me that I’m an open book, my face shows emotions without me realising it. My friends can always tell when I’m feeling down and when I’m happy. My mom especially, can see from my eyes whether I’m being serious because if not, she says my eyes are smiling. It is probably also the reason why I was always teased when I liked someone when I was younger. Which is why its strange that no one has figured out that I have a major crush on one of the first year students. Just to be clear, I’m a second year student.

We met last summer at a party, when my friends and I were introduced to a group of first years by some older students. Our groups stayed together to dance and as his friends all spread out this one skinny, tall boy decided to stay with us instead of going with his friends. He’d caught my eye way before it even got that far though, blond hair and very beautiful eyes, even in the dark. At the end of the night a friend, him and me cycled home together and that was that.

Then came that phase of “when will I see him again?” nonsense. Not because I liked him at that point, but because we talked for about an hour at that party and he seemed very interesting. Normally when I like someone I do everything in my power to make sure I see that person as often as possible, I get a bit creepy really. This time I decided to just roll with it, if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. Come to think about it, this is probably why no one has figured it out yet. I’m not being as obvious.

The first time I saw him after the party was four or five weeks later. I wasn’t expecting it when his backpack did appear in the hallway. I got all nervous and completely forgot what I was talking about. Since then I’ve seen him in the hall a lot and we’ve cycled home together on a few occasions and here we are. Six months later. I still get nervous when he’s around.

It’s not a really spectacular secret, but I’m also still figuring out what exactly this whole thing means. Secrets in general are not my thing, I’m very bad at keeping them and someone usually figures out what’s going on.


This post was inspired by the daily prompt from the daily express.


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