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Okay. I have something to admit. I have a problem.

Do you ever get obsessed with a TV series? Like you watch every single episode multiple times and then get obsessed with one of the lead actors and watch every single thing they made? Yeah, so that kind of happened to me…

The series is called Life With Derek. I know, supposed to be a kids programme, but it does have more grown-up jokes and subjects. I’ve seen all the episodes and the movie before, but I decided to re watch it after I finished my exams two weeks ago.

Basically it’s about a merged family, the mother has two kids, Lizzie and Casey, and the father has three, Marti, Edwin and Derek. Casey and Derek are both about sisxteen or seventeen and of course they’re constantly fighting, which leads to hilarious situations. And the messages the episodes send are quite mature, once you look below the surface;). Plus there’s no laughing track, the show is just naturally funny.

And then there’s the lead actor, Michael Seater. He’s amazing at acting, good looking and he seems nice in interviews. I’ve watched all of his appearances in ReGenisis and at the moment I’m in the middle of watching season 1 of 18 to life, about two eighteen-year olds who get married on a dare. Okay, maybe I’m suffering from a minor celebrity crush.

There you go, that’s my problem right there. One of my many random obsession for those of you who read my post about random obsessions a few months back.

Are there any series or actors that you’re obsessed with lately? Let me know down below!



6 thoughts on “Obsession.

  1. I was just about to write a blog similar to this! I’m completely obsessed with Skins at the moment, and have been for years. Have you seen it?
    It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoy it!
    My favourite character from Skins is Rich (Alexander Arnold).
    And, of course, another celeb crush is Sam Clafin! *heart emoji*
    BG x


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