20 Random Questions and their answers

Here are twenty random questions and their answers.

Thing you cannot leave the house without?
Something that plays music. I’m a dancer, no music is not an option.
Favourite brand of make-up?
I might have to go with Inglot here. Everything they have is great, I love their eye shadows, loose as well as pressed, and Duraline.
Favourite flower?
Tulips. Preferable red, I don’t really know why, I’ve liked them since I was a little kid.
Favourite clothing store?
The boys section at Primark. I love wearing guys shirts, shirts for girls are always so tight and uncomfortable.
Favourite perfume?
Emozione by Salvatore Ferragamo. It smells good when I first put it on, but it smells even better when I’ve had it on for a few hours. To me it smells like a very sexy perfume, I just hope a certain person of the opposite sex thinks so too;)
Heels or flats?
Flats for everyday, but heels for dancing. Ballroom dancing just looks more elegant and more professional when you’re wearing heels.
Do you make good grades?
Yes, I do. I did great in high school and now that I’m studying physics I still get above average marks in most of my subjects.
Favourite colours?
Green, blue and occasionally red.
Energy drinks?
Ugh, no! It smells disgusting, tastes the same and caffeine doesn’t affect me, so it’s not even worth drinking it.
Do you drink juice?
Yes, orange juice with strawberries or bananas or kiwis, love it all.
Do you like swimming?
Absolutely love swimming. When we were on holiday in France when I was a kid I’d spend all day in the swimming pool if I could.
Do you eat fries with a fork?
Most of the time not, but it does depend on the situation. If I need to hold my cutlery afterwards, I probably do eat my fries with a fork.
Favourite moisturiser?
I don’t really use moisturisers, but right now I’m really liking the Nivea Sensitive Day Cream and the Hema Hello Mirror, Guess My Age 30+ Night Cream.
Do you want to get married later in life?
Yes, I’d love to, but only to the right person;)
Do you get mad easily?
Eh, depends whether or not I’m having a good day. I get irritated very quickly though, someone drumming on their table, someone chewing gum right next to me, people talking in the silent area in the train. All things that make me getting mad more likely.
Are you into ghost hunting?
Nope, I get shivers down my spine just thinking about it.
Any phobias?
Heights and probably a little bit of stage fright.
Do you bite your nails?
Not my nails, but I do tend to pull away the skin around my thumbnails when I get nervous or stressed.
Have you ever had a near death experience?
Not that I can think of, although the take of for gliding was very close. You know, with one of those planes without a motor. That scared the crap out of me.
Do you drink coffee?
I do, but only with milk and most of the time sugar.

I hope that you are a little bit more informed about what kind of person I am now. What would be your answer to one or all of the questions above?



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