Music Mondays – on Thursday

Soo, I know it’s not Monday, but I still want to share some music today. And what better way than to join katblogs event, Music Mondays.

Here’s a list of music I’ve been enjoying the past couple of weeks:

– Michaël Prins, a Dutch singer-songwriter who writes great lyrics. And the music that goes with them is perfect. I normally play this when I’m studying or doing homework, as I feel his music makes concentrating so much easier. Favourite song is Close To You. The lyrics just hit me right in the heart.

– Ed Sheeran with Thinking Out Loud. This is a great song to dance a Rumba to. I’ve been using this song to practice my rumba, before I sprained my ankle last week. That made it kind of hard to practice, heh.

– Volbeat with Lola Montez. Upbeat, a lot of guitars and great singing. This song is right up my alley. I don’t get how this only has three million views, it’s one of the best songs when you love guitars.

– And finally, McFly. My favourite band, so I always listen to them. The first concert I ever went to when I just turned 15. My bedroom door in at my parents’ house is covered in posters of the band. There’s nothing in particular why I like them the way I do, I love everything about them. Favourite song is a hard one, but I think I’ll have to go with That Girl, because it’s the first song I looked up on YouTube after my friend recommended them.

That’s the music I’ve been listening to lately. What have you been listening to? Do you know any of the music I’ve been listening to?



3 thoughts on “Music Mondays – on Thursday

  1. Thank you for all your suggestions Anne! My fave would have to be Close to you. It’s so relaxing. I get why you listen to it when studying. 😀


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