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It should not matter

I’ve decided that the official date I started my blog is October 30 2015. That was the day I posted my first assignment for the blogging101 course I was following. Three months have passed.

Not many posts were written between then and now, a few exercises for blogging 101 and a few weekly wrap-ups. The latter was something I saw on anther blog which I thought was a cool idea. I managed to do exactly three of them before I gave up. I got maybe one or two views on a post. I didn’t realise how hard blogging was going to be. Maybe I was even a little bit disappointed because no one wanted to hear what I had to say.

Today’s post was inspired by the Daily prompt on The Daily Post on January 25 called Key Takeaway. After reading a few other ideas on the matter I realised I’m not doing this because I want to reach millions of people. I am doing this because I want to tell the world what I think and what I feel. Whether that world is one person or ten million doesn’t matter.

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the past few months it’s no to look at stats. Enjoy the interaction between you and your fellow bloggers. Soak your brain in all the thoughts they have put down in words. Most of all, do it for you and not because you want to change the world tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “It should not matter

  1. I agree, do it for you. In the future you can look back at some of the memories you’ve shared on here and be glad that you wrote down your thoughts, capturing where you were at that time.


    1. Thanks for reading! That’s exactly what I wanted when I started a few month ago, just writing down my thougts. Somehow I got distracted by stats, but I’m back on track now!


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