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Why cute boys and I don’t go together

Yesterday I read a post about interacting with the barista boys at Starbucks. At first it made me giggle, because who wouldn’t want to flirt with the cute boys working at Starbucks, because lets face it, the boys working at Starbucks are always cute.

Let me be honest, I have enough trouble deciding what to order at Starbucks, let alone finding something flirty to say. But it also made me wonder, why is it so hard (for me) to interact with cute guys. It is rather special for me, since I normally spend most of my day around boys. All of my fellow students are male, well most of them, and almost all of my friends are male. Kind of inevitable when you’re studying physics. So here’s a list of reasons why I cannot interact normally with cute boys.

  1. I keep getting distracted by their appearance. Whenever someone has beautiful eyes, I look at them and instantaneously forget what I was about to say.
  2. I get all nervous because I’m scared I might say something stupid, which, as you would expect, leads me to saying something stupid.
  3. Without getting to know him, I already think that he could never like me. This is just because it happened multiple times that a guy I liked fell for someone else. Painful, but it’s part of life.
  4. I think I know what other people are thinking, without asking them or waiting to see what actually happens. This does not only apply to cute boys, but it does make my life way harder than it has to be. It ties in with the previous point. This also applies to interpreting facial expressions, I always take the negative option.
  5. When I really like someone, they sometimes appear in a dream. Happened with multiple boys and seeing them in real life afterwards just makes it weird and uncomfortable, for me at least.

Do you have any special reasons why you can’t interact with cute boys(or girls) or are you someone who is super smooth and flirty when talking to someone attractive?



2 thoughts on “Why cute boys and I don’t go together

  1. Oh good, I’m not the only one!
    So glad you found some inspiration in my post! How fun 🙂
    I loved reading your reactions. Especially when a guy is good looking. I literally just stare and smile because I honestly have no idea what to say to them!!


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