Week Update

Wrap Up – A story about my week #2

What I’ve been doing

School work

Basically the same as last week. This week the exercises were a lot easier though, almost too easy to be interesting for one of my classes. The other class’s problems were just hard enough to be challenging but fun. For one of the classes I chose we had to do some programming to model a system of three bodies that all interact, like a sun, a planet and a moon for example. It was hard, but a lot of fun to do.


My partner was sick for four weeks, but he’s finally feeling better, so we can dance together again. This week the lesson did not go as well as we’d liked, the connection wasn’t there. We had standard ballroom lesson on Monday and for one reason or another I just couldn’t feel where he wanted to go a lot of the times. On Wednesday we had competition practice, which went a lot better. At the moment we’re focussing on our postures and the technical aspects of the basic figures and I’d say we’re making progress every week. Next week is Latin, which I’m looking forward to very much.

Being creative

Besides picking up drawing again, I’ve decided to make everyone a special, personalised Christmas card. So I’ve been cutting out figures and thinking about what to make for everyone. My grandma is getting a traditional one, because she loves making her own cards. For my sister I’m thinking of combining the traditional one with a drawing. I’m not sure what to make for my parents, but it’s three weeks till Christmas, so I have plenty of time.

What I’ve been watching


Still feeling the Starkid vibe, it’s secretly becoming an obsession. I’ve come to love Clark more and more, his voice is just too beautiful. I love the others as well. Something I would recommend is the musical Ani: A Parody, it is hilarious, but I have to say that A Very Potter Musical is my favourite.

What I’ve been listening to

Christmas music

Again, the same as last week. I just love Christmas music, it cheers me right up. Especially on Monday after dancing, when I was feeling a bit disappointed with how the lesson went. I also like to listen to Christmas music when I’m doing homework, it helps me concentrate when my surrounding isn’t completely silent, weirdly enough.

Jim and the Povolos

A product that came from Starkid. Clark sings the song lovegirl, it’s just stunning. Especially when he hits the high notes! Not many men dare to sing high notes these days, but I absolutely love it!

What I’ve been reading

Nothing this week, apart from study books. It was a busy week, again. So I didn’t have a lot of time to read, sadly.

This week was great, see you next week!



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