Week Update

Wrap up – A story about my week #1

What I’ve been doing

School work

Right now my classes are planned as such that I have exercise classes on Friday that have to be handed in on Monday which leads to very busy weekends. The rest of the week is fairly empty with school work except for giving feedback and working ahead.


I picked up drawing again. I’ve always liked drawing and I’d say that if I try I’m quite good, but I could never be bothered to practice. I have a book on how to draw Manga by Christopher Hart which is very well executed and I discovered his YouTube channel a few weeks ago. He makes simple, easy-to-follow clips about how to draw all sorts of things and I now try to watch one of his videos every night and draw along to ease my mind before I go to sleep.


I. Love. Christmas. So do my parents and my sister. We decided to put up our Christmas tree this weekend, which is a bit earlier than normal. I also bought a little Christmas tree to put in my room where I live during the week, because I don’t live with my parents any more during the weekdays when I have classes. It is cool that my tree looks like the big tree’s little sister, both with a lot of lights in it and mostly red decorations.

What I’ve been listening to


The new album is just wonderful. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous and it makes me want to sing, even though I know my voice isn’t that great. Favourite is When We Were Young, it is such a classy song.

Christmas songs

Continuing with the Christmas theme, we listened to Christmas music when we were decorating the tree. I’ve also been listening to this music when doing homework, I just love the atmosphere it creates.

What I’ve been watching

Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2

Great film, once again. I’ve loved the hunger games series ever since I read the first book when I was 15. The first film was my favourite I think, but I like the way they followed the story more in the other films, left less out. And the actors are great. Not a big fan of Hemsworth, but I like the way he played Gale. Very much like a big brother to Katniss and in the later films you can clearly see that he is deeply in love with his best friend. Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss brilliantly, you can see her inner struggles in her eyes. And Josh Hutcherson, I just love him. All of his films I’ve seen, he does a wonderful job. And I mean, look at him! What’s not to like?


Basically anything involving anyone from Starkid. It started when YouTube suggested “AVPM Rewatch!”. Then I watched a few parts of a very potter musical itself and now I watch anything from them. My favourite has to be Clark, the keyboard player and musical director at the moment. Besides writing most of the songs for the musicals, he also sings from time to time. Holy guacamole, his voice is absolutely beautiful. I loved Darren Criss as Harry, don’t get me wrong, but when Clark sang “I Was” at Leaky Con London 2013 it blew my mind. Besides that he is tall and supermegaawesomefoxyhot, need I say more?

What I’ve been reading

Nightshade trilogy, book 3: Bloodrose

Series like the Hunger Games and it might even have a hint of Twilight, the books, in there. A group of people that are both human and wolves have to protect a holy site for their Keepers. Calla, the new alpha female falls in love with someone other than her alpha male and discovers he is the key to unravelling the mysteries surrounding her Keeper. First two books were really good, I started the third book during the summer but never got around to finishing it until now. Sadly I read a spoiler somewhere, by accident, and it kind of ruined the book for me. I’ve pushed finishing the book forward, because I felt that if I didn’t read that part of the story it just wouldn’t happen, thus my favourite character still being alive. I can’t be the only one who does that though? Despite this I really enjoyed the book, probably give it a 4 out of 5, because it becomes a bit predictable from time to time.

That’s it for this week, until the next!



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