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Random Obsessions – A story for my ideal audience

One of the exercises for my Blogging 101 course is to write a post that I hope my ideal audience will read. They say everyone writes posts with some specific person in the back of their mind and everyone hopes a certain kind of people will read their posts. Truth is, I have yet to come across my ideal audience.

As mentioned in the previous post, I started this blog for me, which leads to me not having discovered the right audience yet. A logical thing could be that the ideal audience for my blog are people that are like me. Problem is, that does not really narrow it down, as I am someone who likes a lot of different things. I am one of those people that gets obsessed with something for a few months and then moves on.

Look at how awesome it is, what’s not to like?

The most recent example of this would be rugby. Last Saturday was the final of the World Championship and I watched it live with my dad on the couch during dinner. After seeing what the game was actually like and how the players aren’t aloud to go against the ref, I now have a very strong urge to sign up for rugby. The month before that I decided I was going to learn Spanish, just because I felt like it. I kept up with it for a good month before I got bored and gave up and that is basically what happens every few months. I find something interesting, get obsessed with it, keep up with it for a while, get bored and move on. And it happens not only with sports or a language, but with a band or a hobby too.

So I guess that whoever feels the same, random fascination with things as I do will sort of automatically qualify as someone that could be in my ideal audience. They don’t have to be, but it’s a step in the right direction.

So to anyone that qualifies for my ideal audience: welcome, lets be random together.

And to anyone who doesn’t: welcome, be careful not the catch the randomness.



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