Random Thoughts

Well Hellew – A story about starting a blog

Do you ever have that feeling where you’ re just like “what am doing with my life? What am I contributing to the world?”. I tend to have that feeling quite a lot, which is why I decided to start this blog. To have a platform to put my thoughts down, because most days, they are all over the place. I always have chaos in my head, which why I am a big fan of making lists and having an actual paper diary to write meetings and deadlines down, otherwise I will forget to do things and to hand in papers and reports.

One of the things I do to mute the chaos in my head is listening to music, or playing my guitar. When I do this I get distracted from all the thoughts in my head, because I focus on something my body has to do. This is probably also the reason why I love dancing so much and sports in general, because it makes me focus on my body rather than my mind. Plus, dancing is just a lot of fun, with nice music and friends around me.

Now why am I doing this on a public blog page instead of in a private notebook that I hide under my mattress I hear you ask. Well, the reason for trying a blog is that I started a diary several times and it did not work out for me. After a few days I couldn’t be bothered any more, so it is no use to reduce the chaos in my head. Besides wanting a platform to put my thoughts down, a lot of weird stuff happens in my life, which might be fun for people to read. My friends are not what you call normal 19- and 20-year-olds and, to be honest, neither am I.

What I hope to achieve is to find a way to reduce the chaos in my head, by writing down thoughts and events. Also I will write about anything that is interesting to me, music, TV-series, films, art, beauty and everything that pops in my mind. In this way I hope to expand my horizon as well and to connect with a lot of different people. Maybe in a few months I will only write about music, who knows. We will see where this goes, but right now I am just starting a blog to get my thoughts lined up.

If I manage to blog successfully through the next year, I hope that my audience enjoys having a look into my thoughts. I hope that people can connect with me and I hope to find that I am not alone thinking certain things. Until then, I will try to upload a post every week, probably during the weekend.



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